Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Town & Compound

I won't make a wiki article out of my town here but I think it is important to at least provide the basics. I live in a town of about 4,000 people. Elevation is about 1700 meters and the average annaul rainfall is around 1500 mm. There are really just 2 seaons: wet and dry. The wet season started around April and will last until Late September. It hails occasionaly.

Most of the people that live here are hillside farmers. The coffee is great and the honey is the best I have ever had. My town does not have a bus station so to get anywhere, one must be viligent and flag a bus down if ever s/he wants to get anywhere else. The electricity, mobile service (no LAN lines), and water are not always availabe; frequently one of these resources will be missing for a few days and when it comes back one of the others are gone.

I live in a compound, a fenced enclosure surrounding rentable rooms. I have two rooms to myself so am fortunate enough to be able to keep food out of my bedroom and rest assured rats won't cuddle up next to me in an attempt to play little spoon. Within my compound I have started a garden space and have worked on the hillside a bit, constructing primative stairs and introducting erosion control by means of transplanting trees and grasses. Above is a photo from within my compound at dusk looking north and over the hillside just mentioned.

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