Sunday, August 28, 2011

I am currently on the road to a summer camp meant to teach and encourage leadership roles to youth. The objectives of this camp is to stir up a few kids with ideas of how to improve their community's health and environment. There are over 30 kids from the Oromo and SNNPR regions of Ethiopia attending and close to just as many staff members. This is a really cool opportuninuty for Ethiopian kids to see their country, learn about ways one can improve living conditions, and partake in a cultural exchange with the many Americans that will be facilitating the program. Impressions so far have only spawned from the time traveling to camp but this I am sure of: I will be tired by the end of it. The photo above was taken in Bedele, looking at the main intersection in town from the 3rd story of a hotel building. If you've ever drank imported beer at an Ethiopian restaurant, you might have drank Bedele beer. The label has a small skunk-like monkey on it. The brewery gives tours on thursdays.

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