Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sibboo High School Project Success

Thank you all who donated to or shared the link for the Sibboo High School Peace Corps Partnership Program (PCPP). Last November, 2012, we were able to raise the money we needed from your generous donations and networking to purchase reference books, a fence to surround the school compound, and a computer!

Just as I was completing my two year Peace Corps service, Sibboo High School sponsored a celebration for accomplishing our PCPP project's goals. There were many heart-felt speeches made expressing the gratitude of community members, teachers, and students for having received much needed school structures and resource materials. Because of the funds our project brought in, Sibboo High School will benefit from having new books for preparing for the National Exam and furthering their education, a protected compound for potential tree nursery projects, and a computer for IT classes and to provide students and teachers access to technology previously unavailable in the community.

Prior to my Peace Corps service, I had never facilitated a project sponsored by donors from around the world. I had little idea as to how patient and involved one has to be to make sure: 1) a project is meaningful for a community; 2) a project is sustainable or provides years of service; 3) that the funds raised from donors are spent properly and according to project objectives; 4) objectives of the project are met on time. This was a great learning opportunity, which resulted in benefits far exceeding the frustrations experienced along the way.

Below are a few photos sharing the success of our project – enjoy!

Students, Staff, & Myself Posing with the New Fence and Gate

A Cow Grazes Respectfully Outside the School Grounds

New Reference Books and Computer for Students and Staff

A few words on Peace Corps Partnership Programs: Because Peace Corps Volunteers have a unique understanding and access to the community they live in, they are involved with their entire project’s conception, implementation, and evaluation. I encourage anyone thinking of supporting small projects in foreign aid to check out those designed by Peace Corps volunteers and sponsored by the Peace Corps Partnership Program. Browse through the many projects volunteers have in mind to support their communities and give what you can – it is unlikely you’ll find a more locally minded or carefully managed donation opportunity.

Peace Corps Partnership Programs - Donate to a Volunteer's community project today! The Peace Corps Partnership Program applies 100% of your tax-deductible donation toward a specific Project, Special Fund or Country Fund.