Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bus 4 Patience

A couple weeks ago, I set out to celebrate 5 birthdays (my own included) with volunteers whose sites were nearby. To get there the majority of us had go through the bus station in the zonal capital of Metu. Long story short, it was 11 hours of waiting that took place in the bus station, on the dirt road leading to said party site, and a in a junkyard before we got a ride.

It could have been worse. Company made the misery a bit more tolerable and besides it offered time to reflect on 28 years and the patience most often required to get anywhere worthwhile (The above photo is where we ended up- not such a bad place).

Mana Babura: The Mill

The mill houses here get a lot of business. Without them, bread and injera would take a lot more time to prepare. Since building a bread oven, I have found reasons to visit a mill for corn, chick pea, and whole wheat flour. The costs are pretty affordable, about 1 bir (7 cents USD) per kilo ground.

The above photo is of a gas powered mill close to my home. Inside there is powdered grain everywhere. While the mill is running, you have to shout to be heard.