Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hiking in Ethiopia

Self Portrait on the Trail, Dera Ethiopia

Being primarily in areas within Ethiopia that are not lush in forests, mountains, clean rivers, and hiking trails that can be accessed without a scout with a gun to protect me, I've missed the Pacific Northwest. Mainly I miss all the day treks along the Cascades accessible from easy to access forest roads. That being said, the hike pictured here was pretty fulfilling: grave site of a giant war hero who supposedly stood over 7 feet tall started it. The small town where our hike began was named "tall" in the local language (Afaan Oromo) to commemorate him, though his real name is lost to time. Following this we came across obsidian deposits larger than my head, rivers, a waterfall, and camels. Yes, it's very different here and I still miss the PNW for all it has but this is pretty cool.