Saturday, February 1, 2014


Two Large Moringa Trees in Konso, Ethiopia

One of the most interesting and satisfying foods I’ve come across in Ethiopia is made from tree leaves.  In Konso, "midhaa" -leaves from the moringa tree - is eaten on a daily basis.  Sometimes midhaa is served on injera accompanying an assortment of other foods but frequently its eaten by its self, with bread, or cooked with dumplings made from corn, wheat, and/or sorghum.

Korkufa - Moringa and Dumplings (spoon optional)

Moringa leaves are nutritious and when combined with dumplings - a dish called "korkufa" - or meat it will fill you with strength and energy.  In Konso, korkufa is eaten far more frequently than dishes served with injera.  The people of Konso often eat korkufa with their hands but a spoon is used in some cases, as seen in the photo above. 

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