Thursday, January 16, 2014

Chekka, Hot Beer in a Drinking Gourd

Chekka and Drinking Gourd

Chekka is the beer of Konso people.  It is made from corn, sorghum, and/or wheat.  Unlike beers that you’re probably accustomed to, this is one that is best served hot and will have you spitting out bits of debris as you are finishing your cup.  There are several distinctly different alcoholic drinks prepared at home in Ethiopia but this one is my favorite.  It's great tasting, thick with energy (grains), served in a novel cup, and the environment where chekka is served is typically welcoming and lively.

In most cases chekka is drunk from a H’aambarra (gourd).  Many drinking gourds in chekka houses have been used for a long time, sometimes ripping or breaking around the lip or bottom.  Repairing a broken H’aambarra simply means sowing it back up and adding some character.

Chekka Finished

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