Saturday, November 12, 2011


My town' s market takes place 3 times a week. The largest of these markets occurs on Saturday and extends itself to local butchers, vendors from larger cities, and crafts people from neighboring villages. Of the produce, onions and collards are almost always present. Current produce and their going prices in $-USD of the season: potatoes (.30/kg), sweet potatoes (.20/kg), guava (.10/12), corn (.30/3 ears), small bananas (.10/12), garlic (.30/3 bulbs), hot peppers (.10/1 pile), several starchy root vegetables, coffee beans (1.50/1kg), spices, and various grains sold in bulk for milling.

The photo above is of the Saturday market in my town. Clothes and other merchandise are being sold within the stands on the right and the produce is uphill on the left. Although this shot shows what the majority of the market consists of, what is not seen are the crafts people who sell baskets, mats, clay pottery, and local tobacco. Also not seen are those selling goats, chickens, cows, and sheep.

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